Bachelor’s and Master’s theses


Kia Slovakia offers students a chance to work on their bachelor’s or master’s thesis.

Working on master’s thesis with us is possible, when:

  • Topics of bachelor’s and master’s theses are related to activities of Kia Slovakia
  • Topic does not describe actual status but offers solutions; outcome of the thesis is a solution proposal
  • English speaking students are preferred

How to apply:

  • Please send a request for bachelor’s or master’s thesis with your CV, motivation letter, and why you would like to write your thesis with our company
  • If your admission is accepted, we will assign a consultant to you
  • We will send you a response to your request within 30 working days

Deadline for applications for a Bachelor's and Master's theses at Kia Slovakia is November 30th of the respective year. For more information or to send an applications, email us at