Ocupational Health & Safety


Safety and health of the employees are ked priorities of the company that understands effectivity and performance are created by satisfied and healthy employees in safe environment.

The level of safety is created by several systems, activities and project which common title DNA (“Danger never again”) represents common vision of employer and employees.


The main goals of company are:


Constant improvement in safety

Engagement of employees to safety management

Zero tolerance on danger behavior



OH&S Policy

Company management declares active interest on safety field by valid OH&S policy that represents commitment of management on OH&S goals fulfill.

Safety level increase

ISO 45001 certificate, the Safety enterprise award of Labor Ministry, and 5th place among Slovak and Czech companies in safety culture award in 2017 declares constant increase of safety culture.

Risk decrease

To the process of rise identification and risk management are involved operators, leading employees and deputies of safety.

Engagement of employees and motivation

Employees have more options how to contribute to safety level increase. There are 7 safety commissions, more than 150 deputies of safety among employees, harmony rooms, safety message or president safety award given every year to best employees involved in safety.

Awareness increase

The awareness of safety is increased by campaigns every month in form of competitions, interviews, articles, posters, notice boards, handbooks, videos or information screens. Health days, workshops and e-learning courses are regularly organized.

Lockout Tagout system

To prevent injury there is a system of danger energies secure according to American standard OSHA 29CFR 1910.147 names Lockout Tagout.

Controls and audits

Keeping the legislative and  internal requirements is checked several times per year by internal and external audits and systematic control activities on daily and topic basis.


The comfort of employees is ensured by rotation system, technical improvements and using of French ergonomic technology CAPTIV.


We ask the same requirements on external companies as to our employees. There are regular seminars, trainings, educational materials and system of permissions for dangerous works available on evstupy.kia.sk

Fire protection and first aid

Fire prevention is an inseparable part of each employee mind. In case of fire there is a nonstop fire brigade and rescue service. To give a first aid there are fist aid assembly points. Except of trainings employees are actively taking part on fire drills. Completions such as fire attack or fire stairs are organized in KMS for surrounding fire brigades.