Kia Slovakia is company  with responsible approach to environment, the company has implemented  environmental management system,  which was certified according to the international standard ISO 14001. This system commits the company to comply not only with the required legislation, but also to the constant improvement of environmental protection. An important part of the system is regular monitoring and evaluation of the consumption of water, energy, materials as well as the amount of waste, waste waters and emissions over the period of one car production, and acceptance of environmental goals for their reduction

Kia Slovakia has set the following long-term environmental goals:

  • reduce emissions and lower risks of damaging the environment,
  • reduce the amount of produced waste and increase the rate of recycling and recovery,
  • reduce the amount of input raw material, energies, and chemicals per produced vehicle and per produced engine,
  • increase the level of emergency response,
  • chemical management development (REACH) and raise the employee awareness.

The company focuses on the development and production of vehicles that are environmentally friendly, which is demonstrated with certification of models produced at the plant with the following: LCA - Life Cycle Assessment based on ISO 14040 and Integrating environmental aspects into product design and development based on ISO 14062.

Kia Slovakia is aware of the fact that environmental protection is a key to a long-term business success.





Kia Slovakia s. r. o. has a valid integrated permit for the operation of Kia Slovakia car plant - Paint, Wastewater Treatment Plant issued in accordance with Act No. 39/2013 Z.z. on integrated prevention and control of environment pollution and on amendment of certain acts. The integrated permit, which includes the equipment for waste disposal (Wastewater Treatment Plant) is published on the web site of the Slovak Environmental Inspection http://www.sizp.sk/section IPPC/Integrated permit/integrated permit issued.

Pursuant to Section 34(2)(j) of Act 146/2023 Coll. on air protection and on amendment and supplementation of certain acts, operators of large sources and operators of medium-sized sources are responsible for keeping operational records, determining the amount of emissions, reporting data on emissions and source, submitting reports, a set of parameters and measures and programmes for reducing emissions and informing the public, obliged to publish on their website information on air pollution, including the results of monitoring of emissions and air quality in the vicinity of the stationary source pursuant to a special regulation 67) in the scope and form established pursuant to the implementing regulation § 62(1)(a). (g), if it is a legal person or a natural person - entrepreneur.