Merkur 2014 Award for Kia Motors Slovakia

The companies secured the Merkur 2014 award for the highest paid income tax from all of the companies registered with the regional tax offices as well as with the Tax Office for Selected Tax Payers. Representatives of the companies received the awards in Bratislava directly from the President of the Financial Administration, Mr. Frantisek Imrecze and the Head of the Executive Office of the Ministry of Finance, Jaroslav Mikla. This year, the first annual award was held; last year being an introductory award year. The Financial Administration was inspired by similar awards held in the Czech Republic, where companies with the best results in tax payment have been acknowledged for years now. The award should be an encouragement to companies and motivation for achieving great results.

The following criteria had to be accomplished:

- no debt towards the state budget

- no subsequent impose (findings) above 10,000 EUR
- no breach of law No. 289/2008 Z. z. on the use of electronic cash register

In the Bratislava region, Jadrová a vyraďovacia spoločnosť, a. s. took the award. In the Banska Bystrica region, it was Slovenská banská, spol. s r. o. The best company income tax payer in the Kosice region was ELTRA s.r.o., CIKAUTXO SK s.r.o . came from the Nitra region, Synot W, a. s. in the Presov region, Respect Slovakia, s.r.o. in the Trnava region, Marius Pedersen, a. s. in the Trencin region, and KLINICKÁ BIOCHÉMIA, s.r.o. in the Zilina region. Kia Motors Slovakia s.r.o. was recognized as a company with the highest paid income tax within the Tax Office for Selected Tax Payers. The company also received an award for having the biggest year-on-year (2012 and 2013) increase in the company income tax.