Kia successfully concluded the first phase of reconstruction of the University Hospital with Polyclinic in Zilina

After completion of the first phase of reconstruction, Kia Motors Slovakia handed over to representatives of the University Hospital in Žilina its first renewed departments. Via its Foundation Fund at the Pontis Foundation from June 1 until the end of October, the company supported rebuilding of Pediatrics, Ophthalmology, Otorhinolaryngology, and Department of long term care. The sum of 370,000 EUR was allocated for reconstruction works as well as medical equipment necessary to improve the quality of services provided to patients. While the first phase was done under the foundation fund, the second phase is going to be covered by the newly established Kia Motors Slovakia Foundation.

“The biggest impact of the reconstruction on the hospital is the feeling our patients get in the renewed departments. We have been receiving a lot of positive feedback not only from parents of the children patients but from grown-ups as well. People were aware of the long term inadequate technical conditions of individual departments and now they speak of the new conditions in superlatives and they spare no praise on Kia Motors Slovakia,“ explained MUDr. Ivan Macuga, Director of the University hospital with Polyclinic in Zilina.

From June 1 until the end of October, Kia financially and technically ensured the exchange of 16 interior and exterior doors, 212 windows along with rebuilding of balconies in four renewed departments. During construction works, 403.22m2 of railing was mounted and 1,236.8m2 of lino was put on floors.

“The reconstruction of the Zilina hospital is a long term project. Our goal is to improve the environment not only for patients but also for doctors and nurses who take care of them daily. We want to contribute to a healthy community we live in, and we want to make a big difference. It is one of the reasons why we decided to focus part of our CSR towards health service,” said Eek-Hee Lee, President and CEO of Kia Motors Slovakia.

Altogether, 38 company volunteers from the car maker painted the pediatrics rooms. The volunteers worked over 260 hours in the hospital altogether. Through its Foundation Fund Kia Motors Slovakia at the Pontis Foundation, the Kia plant used the sum of 370,000 EUR for rebuilding and purchase of 24 adjustable hospital beds, 24 nightstands and 24 mattresses. The company also donated 200 chairs, 70 light fixtures, and 270 light bulbs. During the visit of the Pediatrics Department, the representatives of the company - in cooperation with the non-profit organization the Red Nose clowndoctors - distributed coloring books, pencils and toys to the littlest patients.

The second phase of reconstruction of the Zilina hospital is planned for 2016 – 2017 period, when rebuilding is going to take place in Urology, Pediatrics and Department of long term care. The terrain alterations will include building of a children playground as part of the Pediatrics Department. From 2016, the mentioned reconstruction will be realized under the newly established Kia Motors Slovakia Foundation.