Foundation´s drop of blood

Blood is the most precious body fluid whose donation is voluntar y and popular among people of all ages. Reasons to become a donor are many, but one prevails and that is to selflessly help others whose lives can be saved. 26 donors decided to donate blood on March 19, 2015, on the premises of the Training Center to support the humane idea. In cooperation with the National Transfusion Service of the Slovak Republic, specifically the Zilina branch, and other colleagues, we had prepared an auditorium so the blood donation was able to take place smoothly and in a pleasant atmosphere.

We have donated 10.5 liters of blood altogether and are proud to have welcomed four new first-time donors. And they shared with us their immediate impressions.


"I had been interested in blood donation for several years, but I never overcame my doubts to visit the National Transfusion Service by myself, so it came handy that the blood services came to me. Everything was very nicely prepared, organized and also the doctors were extremely pleasant and likeable. I hope I will be able to donate blood also in the future, because no one can plan ahead when we will need it ourselves," said Jozef Kosiar from the Quality Assurance team.

"For me, it was a really fulfilling experience that invokes a feeling that I could be useful like this. If I still have an opportunity to donate blood I will do so for sure. Thanks for the opportunity, great organization and I keep my fingers crossed when organizing future donations," added Lucia Truchla from the Sales team.

On behalf of the Kia Motors Slovakia Foundation and the National Transfusion Service, we thank all the donors!