Sale of surplus assets

Terms and Conditions of Offer to Purchase Surplus Assets of Kia Motors Slovakia

  1. Subject of Offer

Subject of Offer is the sale of surplus assets of Kia Motors Slovakia s.r.o. (hereinafter as “KMS“) listed in the List of Offers.

By publishing the surplus assets in the List of Offers, KMS announces a tender to individuals and legal entities for the submission of the most suitable offer to conclude a purchase contract (hereinafter as “offer”).

  1. The essentials of Offer to purchase the surplus assets of KMS

Offer to purchase the surplus assets of KMS (hereinafter as “bidding offer”) must contain:

  • Identification data of the bidder (name and surname/company name, permanent address/registered seat/place of business, ID No, information on registration)
  • Contact information of bidder (email and phone number)
  • Proposed purchasing price for selected surplus asset of KMS from the List of Offers without VAT

Bidding offer must be submitted before Deadline defined in the List of Offers; bidding offers submitted after deadline will not be taken into account. KMS only takes into consideration bidding offers that comply with these conditions. Any bidding offer deviation from these conditions is not permitted.

Bidding offer shall be submitted via e-mail at respective address from the List of Offers. After submission, the bidding offer may not be revoked, changed nor supplemented. Correction of errors in bidding offer after its submission is banned.

Requests for inspection of assets can be sent to respective email address from the List of Offers before the date set for bidding offer submission at the latest.

  1. Content of purchase contract

KMS insists on the following content of contract:

  • Terms of delivery: EXW KMS production plant in Teplicka nad Vahom, Slovakia (INCOTERMS 2010)
  • Terms of payment: 100% of purchase price before delivery

  1. Other terms and conditions

KMS will choose bidding offer that best suits its needs. 

KMS will announce bidder, whose offer was selected, by the Date of Announcement of Winning Bid set in the List of Offers via e-mail to the e-mail address specified in bidding offer, which constitutes the purchase contract between KMS and bidder. If KMS announces the acceptance of bidding offer after the Date of Announcement of Winning Bid set in the List of Offers, a purchase contract will not come to existence if bidder, whose bid was chosen, will advise KMS without undue delay after receiving the announcement of accepting the bidding offer that he/she rejects to sign a purchase contract.

KMS reserves the right to decline all bidding offers.

Without undue delay after conclusion of the bidding process under these conditions, KMS will notify unsuccessful bidders that KMS has rejected their Offer; KMS will send a notification electronically to the e-mail address defined in bidding offer.

Bidder is not entitled to any compensation for any costs associated with participation in the bidding process under these conditions.

KMS reserves the right to cancel Offer to purchase the surplus assets or to change its terms and conditions at any time. KMS will inform on cancellation of Offer or change of terms and conditions on this web page.

List of Offers



Technical documentation/Specification

Condition of assets

Email request for asset inspection to

Email bidding offer submission to

Deadline for bidding offer submission

Date of announcement of winning bid


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